Kromlech Mark Your Objectives With Lots Of Skulls!

June 28, 2017 by dracs

Kromlech have released some new objective markers to let you keep track of the battlefield as you confront a symbol of mortallity. Lots of skulls!

Skull Objective Markers

If regular skulls aren't to your taste, there are also sets of Chaos Skulls and Orc Skulls, if you fancy being a tad heretical.

Chaos Skull Objective Markers

Orc Skull Objective Markers

Skulls are a common sight on the battlefields of the future and these markers will help to establish a suitably grim atmosphere and the importance of whatever objective you happen to be waging war for this time.

Do you like Kromlech's new markers?

"These markers will help to establish a suitably grim atmosphere..."

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