It’s Getting Morbid With New Heads From Kromlech

August 30, 2014 by brennon

Kromlech are back to the down right nasty with their new Morbid Legionary Heads for your power armoured followers of the ruinous powers. Or anyone who needs a helmet for that matter. See what you think...

Morbid Legionary Heads

As you can see these chaps have not been feeling too well of late and might have come down with something. They appear to have a few things growing from their helmets if I'm not mistaken and the odd horn too. I think, as most of you probably would have guessed, these would work well for followers of Nurgle.

I think my favourite of the pack is the one to the top right with the very thin eyes and the horn bursting out of the top of his helmet, a very cool head to mark the leader of your unit I would say.

Will you grab these plagued marines?

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