Kromlech’s Orcs Rattle Out In Their Sturmtankette

October 13, 2017 by dracs

The new orc tank we saw previewed by Kromlech has rumbled into their webstore, a Sturmtankette with a heck of a lot of fire power.


Sturmtankette Side

Sturmtankette Side

Sturmtankette Back

The Sturmtankette works as a mobile weapons platform, providing an orc gunner with a safe place to fire either its rocket launcher, twin heavy machine gun, or flamethrower.

Well, when I say safe I mean relatively. With Orc technology, the tank may be more dangerous than the enemy.

Sturmtankette Mini

Sturmtankette Mini Scale

The model is a bit smaller than I expected but should provide orcs with some good, heavy support to back up the hordes of greenskins rushing to get stuck into the fray.

Do you think this would be a useful addition to the orc war machine?

"With orc technology, the tank may be more dangerous than the enemy..."

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