Submit to the Tender Mercies of Kromlech Goblin Nurses

January 6, 2015 by dracs

Kromlech have a new release that will bring you some tender merciful care for your wounded. Meet their trio of Goblin Nurses.

Goblin Nurses

Well now I see them, it might actually be better to just stay wounded. These three models are a brilliant comedic trio, perfect to accompany a greenskin medic. I particularly like the one with the over-sized syringe, that would be enough to get any orc back up on someone else's legs once more.

Along with these Goblins, Kromlech have shown off a preview of something more supernatural they're currently working on.


All we know about this robed woman so far is that she is one of the few capable of controlling supernatural forces. I just love the ornate designs of her heavy robes. This gives you a good idea of her significance, while the heavy all encompassing robes make her look all the more mysterious.

Would you dare submit to Kromlech's Goblin Nurses? What are your thoughts on their psychic?

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