River Horse Show Off Sir Didymus From Labyrinth Board Game

October 17, 2015 by brennon

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River Horse have shown off some more of the work-in-progress sculpting going on behind the scenes for the Labyrinth Board Game. This time they show off the adorable Sir Didymus on Ambrosius!

Sir Didymus

Here you can see another of their three-up sculpts showing off the wonderfully charming dog atop...another dog. You can also see the model painted up below alongside a sneak peek at Sarah...

Sarah & Sir Didymus

The miniatures are looking wonderful with plenty of character drawn from the original actors and puppets. Now, we just need to see how the actual game turns out. Hopefully the gameplay will live up to the miniatures.

What do you think?

"This time they show off the adorable Sir Didymus on Ambrosius!"

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Supported by (Turn Off)