Lancer Gathers The Orc Hordes On Kickstarter

August 27, 2014 by brennon

Lancer Miniatures are coming to the end of a small but very cool Kickstarter to make a regiment of 28mm Orcs a reality. See what you think of the metal sculpts that you can get a hold of through this...

Orc Regiment

Orc Regiment (Close-Up)

Orc Regiment (Painted)

As you can see they are pretty cool miniatures that would fit into plenty of different fantasy realms but especially something like Kings of War or Warhammer Fantasy. They have the same style and build as both games in many respects. As well as the basic metal sculpts the creator has also given a few of them a paint job just to show off how they'll look when finished.

I think this is a neat little funding campaign for a great unit and well worth checking out in the final few hours if you like greenskins.

What do you think?

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