The Astropolis Crew Now Available From Lead Adventure!

November 30, 2016 by brennon

I absolutely loved this range when it appeared on Kickstarter from Lead Adventure, telling a fascinating story of the normal folk who headed out into space. The Astropolis Crew are now available to pick up from their webstore!

Astropolis Crew

You can buy them as the big bundle that you see above here or you can snap up individual characters which take your fancy. I've picked out some of my favourites to show off including the Captain...

Captain Of Astropolis

...the Space Ship Officers

Spaceship Officers

...and the Space Merchants too who just looked wonderful. It's like a lot of retro design choices have been taken from old TV shows and then added to with a bit of both the comical and the grim-dark too.

Space Merchants

Once again it's good to emphasise what the designer was going for here. The idea was to avoid hulking space marines and soldiers in favour of looking at the poor folk that got stuck in the middle of all this. They'd be perfect NPC models included as part of your role-playing games.

What do you think?

"They'd be perfect NPC models included as part of your role-playing games..."

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