Will you Take a Fantasy or Post-Apocalyptic Lead Adventure?

June 4, 2012 by brennon

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Lead Adventure show off their Bruegelburg Crossbowmen ready to go off for the final stages of production. Can't wait to see these guys as the finished product...

Bruegelburg Crossbowmen #1

Bruegelburg Crossbowmen #2

Great for adding character to either a Historical or Fantasy army. So nice seeing every sculpt having a different personality and story to tell. But if you prefer your Post-Apocalyptic warfare then how about picking up this set...

Stalker Vs Guard Set

So if you're looking to start off a bit of a skirmish in the midsts of a Post-Apocalyptic wasteland then this might be great for starting you off.

Will you go Fantasy of Sci-Fi with Lead Adventures?

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