Lead Adventure Populate Bruegelburg Once Again

January 30, 2013 by brennon

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Lead Adventure have been concentrating on their Post Apocalyptic line so far but they always have time to head back to Bruegelburg and create some more peasants...

Bruegelburg Peasant

Bruegelburg Oddity

Above you can see two of the new model previews. The top one is clearly a Peasant of some kind on his way back from a hard days work. Although, seeing as he is clutching his forehead he might have a bit of a hangover from a night of drinking and is being forced back into the fields.

The lower image is something of a mystery. I don't exactly know what this man is holding or what he is intending to do with it! Maybe you folks can help me work out what his job is?

What do you think?

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