Lead Adventures New Dwarves Get a Lick of Paint

July 30, 2012 by brennon

We saw a sneak peek at the new Dwarves from Lead Adventures, but they have now moved on and given them a nice lick of paint. Check out the colourful Dwarves below...

Lead Adventure - Painted Dwarf Females

First up are this pair of tavern proprietors. As with all of the Lead Adventures line they have plenty of character for both Role-Playing and wargaming.

Dwarf Mage #1

Dwarf Mage #2

And second up is this ancient looking Dwarf Mage. I like the little nod to the Dwarven mythology with a raven of Odin perched atop the staff, and overall it is a pretty great looking miniature.

Have these Lead Adventure Dwarves grabbed your attention?

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