Scale Mountains & Delve Deep With Lead Adventure’s Dwarves

December 21, 2012 by brennon

Lead Adventure have yet another Dwarf preview for their new line of miniatures. I have been raving about their sculpts for a while now but this one is pretty damn awesome...

Adventuring Dwarf #1

Adventuring Dwarf #2

This fellow looks like an older and more experienced Dwarf. I love the cloak hood, the assortment of different weapons and tools he has across his back and the story it's telling.

I imagine him deep in a dark cavern, monsters chomping at his heels as he gets ready to sling that hook over a precipice and hopefully pull himself to safety! You never know, with those twin blades strapped to his belt he might even turn and fight.

Another great miniature from Lead Adventure.

What do you think?

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