A New Wave Makes Its Way To Lead Adventure’s Bruegelburg

October 21, 2013 by brennon

The world of Bruegelburg by Lead Adventure is an awesome one and I love the character that they have managed to develop in what are essentially NPC characters from a role-playing game. See what you think of their latest wave, Wave Seven.

Bruegelburg Wave 7

As you can see there is a wide collection of interesting characters to draw on and you can see stories already forming in your mind as you flick through who is on offer.

Mercenary Marksman

Peasant Hand Bombards

You can indeed buy most if not all of these sets individually but the whole wave can be grabbed as one lot. I would love to hear stories of how those peasants with the black powder weapons managed to smuggle them into the town. Maybe there is a riot on the cards!?

I think some brilliant scenarios could be produced for both fantasy and historical games using these figures and it's hard not to see the charm in their sculpts.

A top banana release?

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