Mythical Releases For Legends of Signum

February 5, 2018 by thisisazrael

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Earlier in January the team behind Legends of Signum showed off a gorgeous new Goliath mini.

Goliath Legend of Signum

"Goliath is a mighty warrior of the Grypharim Empire and a loyal protector of Queen Zenobia."

Goliath Legend of Signum

"From the first day in Signum Goliath declared himself the queen’s bodyguard."

Goliath Legend of Signum

The mini really ties together the strong bodyguard feel and is wonderfully painted.

We also got a preview of a soon to be released character, Celebrian the Dawn Archer.

Celebrian the Dawn Archer Legend of Signum

"Celebrian, the son of King Odenat and Queen Zenobia, once was to become the ruler of the Grypharim country spread out on mountain peaks. But fate had other plans for him — Odenat was treacherously murdered, and Zenobia with her winged people were forced to leave their homeworld."

The models in the Legends of Signum range are resin and 32mm scale.

Legends of Signum Map

For those who may not be aware, Legends of Signum is a 2 players fantasy world wargame, where players will face off against each other in the ruthless battles with help of the summoned characters and creatures.

Hero Brissa Card Legend of Signum

What also makes Legends of Signum interesting is its combination of both card/deck building and miniature wargame worlds into one gameplay experience.

What do you think of these characters?

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