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LEGO Comes Out With TRON: Legacy Light Cycle Set


I’m fully aware that this isn’t wargaming, but it’s just too cool to ignore. Check out the TRON: Legacy Set that is now available from LEGO!

Weekender: Bust Some Ghosts! & Halloween Game Designer Challenge


We’ve been looking at loads of awesome things that
happened in the tabletop world
this week and announcing a
new Game Designer Challenge
with a focus on making
a new Halloween game!

More Star Wars LEGO Pops Up To Keep You Busy!


LEGO continue with their Star Wars releases for Force Friday over on their own webstore as they show off two new kits which you can get in addition to the ones we showed you yesterday. Embrace the Dark Side AND get ready for a trip in the Millennium Falcon…

New Star Wars The Force Awakens Kits On The Way From LEGO


LEGO have shown off four new Star Wars The Force Awakens kits that are going to be available in the run up to the film release in December. See what you think of them, all of which popped up on social media…

Weekender XLBS: How Do You Get Mad Max On The Tabletop?


Happy Sunday! Welcome to The
Weekender XLBS where we’re
talking about all things
post-apocalyptic and
wasteland-like in the
wake of so many people
checking out the
new Mad Max film…

Recreating Those Mad Max Vehicles? Try Them In LEGO & More!


Want to rebuild those awesome vehicles from Mad Max: Fury Road? How about checking out this work one man has done with LEGO and then see what else we suggest for giving it a go!

LEGO Jump Into The TARDIS For Upcoming Doctor Who Sets!


See how the next Doctor Who LEGO sets are shaping up! These are looking pretty neat and would be great collectors pieces for fans of the show.

Fly High With Epic Looking SHIELD Helicarrier From LEGO!


Go flying with this awesome looking kit from LEGO on the Avengers Helicarrier from the films! This thing has 3000 bricks in it!

Watch The Battles Of History In Lego Form!


Want to watch some battles from Ancient, Medieval and Modern history? It’s well worth diving into Brick Dictators library of Lego animations where he does just that!

Lego Erebor Set Has Been Sighted For Hobbit Range


Lego have got their previews out early it seems and the new Erebor set complete with Smaug himself has appeared at Comic-Con this week!

Traverse the Deserts Jawa Style in the New Lego Sand Crawler


Lego’s Star Wars range is getting a new special collector’s piece in the form of the Jawa’s famous Sand Crawler.

Fight Your Way Out Of Goblin Town In LEGO Hobbit Demo!


Delve deep into Goblin Town with the latest addition to their Middle-Earth range in a demo for LEGO The Hobbit.

When There’s Something Strange With Your Lego, Who Ya Guna Call?


Lego Cuusoo allows fans of the ever popular brick building toys to submit their designs for possible release as a regular Lego set. To celebrate 30 years of one of our favorite movies, one fan made set is going into production. Who ya gunna call?

LEGO Hobbit Video Game In The Works!


Will you be picking up a video game on The Hobbit next year in the world of Lego?

Get A Sneaky Look At New Hobbit LEGO [Spoilers!]


Dive in and see what you think of this winters coming LEGO collection for Desolation of Smaug! Spoilers within of course so watch it if you want to keep movie-pure!