Get A Sneaky Look At New Hobbit LEGO [Spoilers!]

October 21, 2013 by brennon

TheOneRing.Net was able to find some great looking images of the new LEGO content coming out this winter around the release of Desolation of Smaug. Hoth Bricks is where the images came from, someone who clearly loves their little yellow heroes!

Mirkwood Elf Army

Lake Town Chase

As you can see there are a fair few sets showing off different parts of the movie and it's iconic scenes. If you wanted to get an early look at exactly who will be fighting around Lake Town and Dol Guldur then you have it right here.

Dol-Guldur Ambush

Dol Guldur Battle

I am certainly looking forwards to the scenes surrounding The Necromancer and what they do with Beorn ending up there. It's obviously another look at him in his human form although I can't wait to see him in full on bear mode during the Battle of the Five Armies next year.

Mirkwood Elf Army Contents

Dol Guldur Battle Contents

Dol Guldur Ambush Contents

There have also been a few images of the back of the boxes too showing off the contents in more detail and it's great seeing how complex these sets have become now. Perfect for kids both big and small. I would be so tempted to pick up a few of these but I am becoming increasingly aware of how little room I have left on my model shelves!

Will you be getting these for you or your kids this year?

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