Let’s Play: Escape the Dark Castle

June 23, 2017 by lancorz

Tonight we Escape the Dark Castle from Themeborne!

Let's Play: Escape the Dark Castle

Join Justin, Az and myself as we attempt to narrowly escape the depths of this wet, mysterious castle.

With only rags, mouldy bread and blunt weapons to defend ourselves with, will we make it out safely, or will the Castle consume us all?

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Let's Play: Escape the Dark Castle

Themeborne founder Thomas Pike said...

"We set out to capture the atmosphere of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, and from there design something a group of players could share at the gaming table.

Let's Play: Escape the Dark Castle

Crucially though, we wanted it to be truly accessible for newcomers, even non-gamers. The result is an innovative, immersive game that anyone can play. The simple rules can be learned in five minutes and it lasts less than an hour."

**As a playthrough note, on the boss level it's ONLY the player who overturns the Boss Card who loses their items, not the entire team.

When was the last time you went on a spooky adventure?

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