Face The New Foes Of Level 7: Omega Protocol – Extreme Prejudice

February 15, 2016 by brennon

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Privateer Press have been showing off some of the new models that are coming to the next step for Level 7: Omega Protocol in Extreme Prejudice. Their latest models couldn't be more different in their approach to combat it seems with both The Brute and The Ghin Commando...

Brute (Art)

Here's some of the background on The Brute...

"What we ended up with is simply called the brute—a creature that is less a brother to the hybrids in the base game and more of a cousin. Russian scientists, working with limited knowledge and equipment, developed a truly horrifying creature. Where Cronos confined his work to the combination of Ghin and human DNA in hopes of finding a cure to the disease ravaging his race, the Russians took genetic strengths from whatever was available."

...and the final model which looks great as it looms over its prey ready to rip it to pieces with its bare hands.

Brute (Model)

At the other end of the spectrum we have The Ghin Commando/Warden...

Ghin Commando (Art)

"...all of that backstory means the Ghin warden is the oldest component of the expansion, but I didn’t know exactly what to do with him when work started on the project. Eventually, we decided that if Cronos were establishing a new base with limited support from another government while under threat of constant attack, he would bring more of his people out of stasis.

In the core game, the commandos were surprised by the sudden appearance of Ghin handlers. So, at this point in the story, Ghin trained and armed for war would be less of a surprise and create a natural escalation in the conflict."

The model here looks great and both have followed the design of the artwork very nicely. I think some of the work they've done on Level 7 has been the best for a while and it really shows a step up in their design process.

Ghin Commando (Model)

Once again this has a really nice pose which isn't too static and is useful since he is actually aiming at something. I always like it when a miniature has a 'direction' to it and a flow meaning that it rather naturally lends itself to looking a certain way on the tabletop.

Will you be waiting for more from Extreme Prejudice?

"...and the final model which looks great as it looms over its prey ready to rip it to pieces with its bare hands"

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