The Fight Continues With Level 7 [Omega Protocol]

June 12, 2013 by brennon

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Level 7 [Escape] and Lockdown have told part of the story but now Privateer Press are sending in an elite team of commandos to eradicate all sign of the creatures that have made it their home in Level 7 [Omega Protocol].

Level 7 Omega Protocol

"Now overrun with swarms of monstrous genetic creations led by their nefarious alien overseers, the underground facility of Subterra Bravo is the epicenter of an unfathomable government conspiracy—one that must be kept secret at all costs. To cover up the truth, the shadowy agency in charge of the operation has initiated Omega Protocol, dispatching an elite team of commandos to retake Subterra Bravo and eradicate all evidence of the sinister creatures within. But the threat these creatures and their alien overlords pose may be far greater than anyone can possibly imagine."

It certainly sounds like it's going to be an awesome game which sees two to six players battling it out within the warren-like workings of Subterra Bravo. Of course one of you should take on the mantle of the deadly creatures too! Sometimes playing as the enemy is more fun.

Can't wait to see more from this game.

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