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A Grand 6mm Castle Comes Together From Leven Miniatures


Leven Miniatures have shown off an upcoming release as part of their growing and very highly detailed 6mm scale terrain range. See what you think of their Castle…

Head To Leven’s 6mm Farm & Medieval Mansion


Leven Miniatures have now added two more 6mm terrain sets to their collection which would be great for Medieval and even Modern games. See what you make of their Farmstead and Mansion which would look great in a idyllic rural setting…

Grow Your 6mm Medieval Settlement With Leven


Leven Miniatures are working on some more 6mm terrain for your Medieval antics. The two pieces recently shown off are a pair of Stone Houses and a Medieval Mansion with adjoining annex and stables.

Leven Miniatures Build 6mm Battlefields For All Periods


Leven Miniatures have previewed some of their upcoming 6mm terrain sets. The first of these is the Rorke’s Drift set followed by a Palisade Outpost for more Ancient wargaming…