Catalyst Games Lab Take Leviathans into the Clouds

October 4, 2013 by dracs

Leviathans, the game of steampunk ariel combat between mighty ships of the sky, has had some new optional rules released by Catalyst Game Labs, so now your captains will have to take issue of elevations and clouds into consideration when forming their tactics.

Leviathans Clouds and Elevation Rules

Leviathans is a pretty nice board game, with imaginative miniatures that can be played as soon asthey are out of the box, even if they are a little lacking as pre-paints go.

The hexagonal movement spaces make manoeuvring an interesting a vital part of  the game. The introduction of elevations and interraction with clouds should add an extra challenge to seasoned players, while also providing the game with a greater sense of realism. The inclusion of clouds is particularly cool as it means the board becomes a more dynamic environment, rather than just a board.

Clouds Diagram

Catalyst Game Labs are apparently planning on bringing Leviathans to Kickstarter in the near future, so we can hopefully expect more exciting developments with the game soon.

Have any of you taken to the skies in mighty Leviathans?

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