Catalyst & Hyper Hippo Go Digital With Leviathans Online!

November 23, 2012 by brennon

The very popular Leviathans tabletop game from Catalyst is going digital with a Kickstarter hoping to support it on November 28th! Check out some more details about Leviathans Online below...

Leviathans Online Logo

“From day one of working on this table top game, I learned my lessons from Shadowrun and BattleTech,” said Randall N. Bills, game designer of Leviathans and Managing Developer for Catalyst Game Labs. “I wanted stunning visuals meshed with a wonderfully immersive universe and a smart and fun game, where untold stories could unfold next to endless fun at the gaming table. All those aspects suit a video game perfectly. We had several companies approach us about an electronic game, but Lance Priebe of Hyper Hippo Productions brought an amazing pedigree of experience to the table. However, ultimately what I liked most about Lance and his team is that they truly love the Leviathans game and have been playing it at their studio daily. The same passion and enjoyment I have for the game I see unfolding on their table tops, as well as their desire to ensure that experience is faithfully conveyed within the online game. I’m crazy excited about what we’ll do together.”


So it seems that now you'll be able to take your dice rolling and ship smashing to the online arena. Exactly what nature of beast this is going to be we won't know until the 28th but its certainly a good game to take to a wider platform.

Steampunk is certainly all the rage right now, especially with other games like Guns of Icarus making waves. Here's hoping you run around aboard a mighty Leviathan as part of a big crew!

Do you think you'll be supporting it come the 28th November?

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