New Leviathans Download and Competition

May 9, 2011 by beerogre

Catalyst Game Labs have released a brand new PDF introduction to Leviathans, that you can download for FREE from Beasts of War.

Just click the pic to get your copy...

But thats not all... do you want to get your hands on one of the Leviathans miniatures before they hit the shelves?

Then you need to enter their competition... I'll let Randall fill you in on the details...


From the start Leviathans has been about embracing the community as much as possible. The game is releasing under a Creative Commons license, I’ve been blogging for two years now sharing almost every aspect of development (from the game, to the setting, to the art), we’ve tapped the community for several open playtests, and so on.
We’d like to tap that community again as we start heading towards a release in a few months, and reward them for their support of what we hope will be the coolest steampunk game around.
However, this isn’t a contest about Catalyst…this is a contest by the community, for the community. Here’s the details…

1. The contest has the following categories: Best Web Presentation, Best Real-Life Presentation, and Best Game Component:

Best Web Presentation: This includes any type of website/blog design/look/content catered to the Leviathans game and universe.

Best Real-Life Presentation: This can include almost anything: appropriate costumes, match-stick or Lego ships, dioramas, the most outrageous (but appropriate) place where a game ofLeviathans is played, and so on…the skies the limit!

Best Game Component: This represents something directly related to the game: a new scenario; campaign rules; all new, original sourcebook or story fiction set within the Leviathans universe; all new, original work, appropriate to Leviathans, but can include almost anything (color, B&W, digital, videos, music, sculptures, weapon conversions, and so on…unleash your imaginations); and so on.

2. Anyone can submit for each category and you can submit any number of times (though each entry must be something new). At, in the General Discussion section of the forums, threads have been added for each of the 3 categories noted above. Submission links showcasing your entry (text, photos and so on) should be posted into the appropriate threads.

3. May 20th. This contest will run until May 20th. The community has until that time to post links for their submissions. At noon PST on May 20th, the threads will be locked.

4. June 1st. The community will have until June 1st to email their list of their top choice for each category to [email protected].

5. June 6th. The top 3 entries for each category will be posted to the new “Community” page on www.monstersinthesky.comon June 6th, while the winner of each category will be shipped aLeviathans miniature before the game is released.

So there ya go. A contest by the community, for the community…and you could come out of it with your material featured on the site and a miniature before anyone else has one!

All questions surrounding this contest should be sent to [email protected].

... and finally...

Here's the cover art that will be gracing the British and French Fleet boxes when they are launched along with the boxed set of Leviathans.

Phew... that was a long one this time. We're looking forward to Leviathans and can't wait to play a game using the new miniatures.

What about you guys?

BoW Andy

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