Go Adventuring With Lion Tower’s Heroic Warriors & Wizards

February 28, 2017 by brennon

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Lion Tower Miniatures are now on Kickstarter looking for funding for their new range of Human Adventurers for use in Dungeons & Dragons and beyond. Standing at 32mm scale and cast in resin they are looking like a fine bunch of heroes...


There are six different heroes for you to choose from at the moment starting with the Barbarian as you can see above. A rather classic pose for a mighty champion with sword and axe in hand!


Classic roles like the Cleric and Fighter are also filled. You could probably even use either of these heroes as a Paladin if you wanted to bridge the gap with more divinity focused characters.


Leading the way for the more ranged focused side of your party we have the Ranger, clad in his furs and with a big flowing cloak, and a rather suave-looking Rogue who has got himself a black powder weapon!



You could probably switch that out for a crossbow or something if you were intending to run him in a campaign without the use of black powder, but it's not too much of a problem.

Next we turn to the arcane as we look at their Wizard and Sorcerer...


I think both of these characters are looking great and shown in the middle of the action. Too many times we see magic-users just standing rather nonchalantly rather than getting stuck in.


There's an important distinction between these two 'Classes' when you look at something like Dungeons & Dragons so it's neat to see them shown here too.

Kickstarter Barbarian

As well as these heroes you can also get their Kickstarter Exclusive Barbarian who is shown triumphant atop a fallen Dragon.

Kickstarter Exclusive Barbarian

Maybe this fellow was just born to fight big fire-breathing lizards? Stretch Goals will look to add more characters to the roster and in the future Lion Tower has also talked about making female characters too which would be neat. Hopefully we'll see more races come to life as well!

What do you think of their range so far?

"...you can also get their Kickstarter Exclusive Barbarian who is shown triumphant atop a fallen Dragon"

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