What Are Your Thoughts On Lion Tower’s Stalwart Paladin?

May 23, 2017 by brennon

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Lion Tower Miniatures completed their awesome Fantasy Adventurers Kickstarter a few months ago and The Hairy Painter is getting ready to paint up one of their heroes. Here we have the Paladin getting ready to defend his fellow adventurers...

Lion Tower Miniatures Paladin #1

The Hairy Painter and Lion Tower are actually looking for feedback on this particular model. One particular aspect they are unsure on is the sword. Do you prefer this hefty piece of metal or would you like this thinner design...

paladin front v3

It's interesting to see the variation and whilst the thinner sword is still nice I like the idea that this Paladin found some ancient mighty relic used by a monstrous beast and is now using it against the forces of evil.

Lion Tower Miniatures Paladin #2

Personally, I like the big World Of Warcraft style sword and the runic designs across the middle of the blade look great. As a Paladin, he would probably look good with a big hammer too.

You can follow the links above to his Facebook Page and Lion Tower's HERE and drop your thoughts there.

What do you think?

"Personally, I like the big World Of Warcraft style sword..."

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