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Age of Sigmar Project: Building The Starter Set

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Age of Sigmar Starter Set Project Introduction & Unboxing


The Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Starter Set has arrived in the studio and we've decided to record our progress of getting its contents ready for battle in a brand new project log.

First off Warren and Lloyd go though the box to discover what you'll get inside. They also discuss what paint schemes to apply to the two armies. We want to know what you think.

To find the Warscrolls Compendiums for exisiting armies as mentioned in the video as well as the rules Click HERE.

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I think the main reason for the people keeping to the same terrain as old warhammer is that’s what they tell you to use in the rules. 0-2 scenery pieces per 2×2 part of battlefield iirc. I agree it should make for a much better game with more scenery.

Cult of Games Member

Nice video. Very well done. I agree that terrain is key. The more the better in my opinion. I think they may advise the 0-2 scenery pieces is to lower the entry point. They want “new” people to be able start playing as quickly as possible.


I’m probably wrong, but so far AoS feels to me that it assumes your terrain collection includes a Realm of Battle Board (or at least is destined to have one, if more AoS specific ones come out). So, if you consider the already pre-formed topography of that board, plus the random terrain, then suddenly the boards actually do get a lot more interesting.


On having different Sigmarite (is that the plural?) units painted a different colour I say – YES!

Fluff wise I think it’s fine that different orders would dispatch different units co-operatively as the need arose. Not to tar the ‘Sigmarines’ with this comparison but Space Marine chapters often fought together and back to FB, the Empire could have armies composed of different regiments from various provinces.

And if you do paint units differently I’d like to see that turquoise scheme (biased cos it’s a favourite colour!).


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I would love to design a board that is huge chunks of floating land which had multiple realm gates on it, some of the area might only be accessible via the gates. Then I would number the gates and if you run into one you have to roll to see which gate you come out of. You might even run out of the gate you just entered. 🙂


Really epic idea! 🙂 I think I would add an aspect of control, by letting nearby models with the Priest or Wizard keyword change the dice roll somewhat. Makes these models even better to have nearby a realm gate as well as becoming prime targets for the enemy forces!

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