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Star Wars Hobby Weekend Live Blog

Star Wars Hobby Weekend Live Blog

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Guiding Young Padawans In The Ways Of The Airbrush


Guided will young padawan Dan be in the ways of the airbrush. Master John shows him the ways of the force.

Dan has an AT-ST model that he would love to use an airbrush on. But there’s also a downed At-ST for him to practice on. So John talks him through the steps of transitioning with aerosol primers to airbrushing techniques.

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Cult of Games Member

GUtted as I wanted to have a play with the airbrush this weekend as well!

Cult of Games Member

A fab painting guide video with John.
Probably sayed this before but new painters can use water to get the controls and noises of the gun so when a problem develops they could hear/see it quicker hopefully.

Cult of Games Member

Well done Dan – great first effort! Airbrushing is a game changer so hope you have fun when you get your own kit. Also remember not to get despondent when the inevitable “hard yards” occur. A shiny new airbrush will work amazing first off then will inexplicably clog and you’ll spend an afternoon just getting paint through the thing. But this is when you really learn the airbrush and I think it’s a necessary initiation. If you push through and learn the nuances of paint flow those frustrating afternoons become just a 5 minute routine fix. It is absolutely worth it.

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