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Essen SPIEL '18 Live Blog - Sunday

Essen SPIEL '18 Live Blog - Sunday

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It's Time For A Big Adventure With Heropath


Earlier during the weekend we got to talk to the designer behind the rather expansive board game, Heropath: Dragon Roar and learned a bit more not only about its development but also what kind of mechanics we have at play here.

The game appears to mix together a lot that would be considered staple for a board game but also provides you with interesting quests, unique characters each with their own developmental cycles and more.

Add into this the new expansions for the game and you have a product that might find itself on more shelves over the coming months.

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They had a KS for this game. It was supposed to ship in September but has yet to ship. Not sure if this will make it to retail but it is interesting. The dice are definitely a new technology that will be interesting to see if it makes it to other games. They are essentially able to inkjet a full color image onto the dice and then they seal the image. The KS was small and did not receive a lot of press or reviews. Interesting to see it live and thanks for bringing it to us.

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Ben! Turn around! CAKE!


Not sure if making dice more complicated to read is a good idea…. well actually I could see it being useful, but often misused like all the fancy dice where you can’t even read a simple number on

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