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Salute 2021 Live Blog!

Salute 2021 Live Blog!

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Painting Competition...And The Winner Is!


Best in Show – Andy Wardle with The Woodsman


1. Historical Figure

1st – Lee Winnet with Samurai

2nd – Mark Lifton with French Dragoon

3rd – John Key with I.E.D


2. Historical Unit

1st – Graham Green with Praying Knights

2nd – Marc Shucksmith-Wesley with Normans

3rd – Luke Lane with 55th Regiment on foot


3. Historical Other

1st – Graham Green with PBR Street Gang

2nd – Sebastien Clement with the Rabbit

3rd – Callum MacDonald with 8th Army 25 Pdr.


4. SciFi Figure

1st – Sebastian Kohl with Swiftly Eldar

2nd – Sonny Hardy with Imperial Space Marine

3rd – Aaron Clark with Fabius Bile


5. SciFi Unit

1st – Benny Collins with Sons of Prometheos

2nd – Sebastian Kohl with Jungle Stalkers

3rd – Graham Green with Storm Troopers


6. SciFi Creature/vehicle

1st – Lee Bates with Knight Asterius

2nd – Jerone Brown with Redemptor Dreadnought

3rd – Phil Pryce with Mantis Warrior Stormspeeder


7. Fantasy Figure

1st – Andy Wardle with The Woodsman

2nd – Mark Brett with Isharann Tidecaster

3rd – Chris Perry – Griff Oberwald


8. Fantasy Unit

1st – Stephen Flack with Moonstone Troupe

2nd – Thomas Ambrose with Nurgle Blightlords

3rd – Paul Cocks – Squig Hoppers


9. Fantasy Creature or Vehicle

1st – Martin Collier with Eldar Dragon

2nd – Phil Pryle with Mindstealer Sphiranx

3rd – Gabriel Reyes with Kragg the Grim


10. Large Scale

1st – Lisa Manson – Pixie Bust

2nd – Mamikion Khatchikion with Vampire Bust

3rd – Mark Windle with Dark Elf Bust


11. Miscellaneous

1st – Andy Wardle with the Hunter

2nd – Gabriel Reyes with Night Goblins

3rd – Natalia Ostrowska with the Skull Digger


12. Junior

1st – Freddie Lifton with Gellerpox

2nd – Christoph Zwart with Wartrike

Painting Competition...And The Winner Is!

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Cult of Games Member

I’m presuming that first photo was the Best in Show. It is a brilliant piece. Congratulations to all who entered the competition.

Cult of Games Member

Congrats to all

Cult of Games Member

congratulations everyone fabulous work on the figures.

Cult of Games Member

Congrats to all. But I still love that stormtrooper group and it won in my mind.


Congrats to all

Cult of Games Member

Great work all round.

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