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Progress On Second Squad


The first half of the second FJ squad is finished and I've also converted/ kitbashed a Forward Observation Officer, Oberleutnant Falk.

As every squad will have two LMG teams I try to make the poses as little repetitive as I can. Thankfully the FJs are fully compatible with the Grenadiers and the rolled up sleeves add flavour as well. The only conundrum now is the SdKfz 251 that is part of the army box.

As far as I'm aware the FJs didn't use Hanomags, in fact they've been lucky if they had a lorry at their disposal. Question is how to get it into the army without being completely random.

The next best thing if we want to stick with the Luftwaffe theme would be the LW Field Division but I couldn't find any information if they actually used 251s. Does anyone here know? The Puma and Tiger are SS, maybe it should just be an SS Panzergrenadier vehicle..

Progress On Second Squad

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In response to the possibility of a LW field division having 251s, The quickest reference I could think of was to check the TO&E of Luftwaffe units in a PC game of mine, Combat Mission Battle for Normandy. The game is closer to the simulation side of things and they really research their unit Orders of Battle to make sure they are correct in game, which covers everything in western Europe from June 1944 to Sept. 1944.

And from the looks of it there are no Hanomags to be found. The only vehicles I see assigned to them are Stugs, Opel Blitzes and Protze 70s, and Kubelwagens. The only halftracks I see attached to them are not 251s and all have Flak cannons mounted on them.

I will continue looking, but my guess is you may have to model an “appropriated” 251. 🙂


I have looked up the Parachute Armored Divisions in Frank Chadwick Armies of the Second World War Volume 1 from 1943 till the end of the war the 1st of the 3 battalions of infantry in the Division where in 251/1 and 251/10 for the platoon commander the other 2 battalions where in medium trucks.the scout company could also use 250’s

Hope this is some help by the way great paint job

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