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Flames Of War 4th Edition Launch Weekend Blog!

Studio progress update

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Studio progress update


Day two of the Launch Event and everyone is working away at building tanks! One of my favourite aspects of the hobby is getting to sit around with friends and just hobby, pulling out the glue and paint to get some models finished while shooting the breeze.

Wayne is working on his Germans for Team Yankee, getting some Leopard 1 tanks assembled. Sitting next to him is Chris working on some Panzerjager 1 self-propelled guns to make his Mid War army into an Early War one too.

Phil is putting a base coat on some of his Crusader tanks, lets hope these will bring him better luck in his next game. Meanwhile Sean is working on some Firefly tanks for his TANKS army.

Andrew is working on some Grant tanks for both his Mid War army and TANKS army. Aaron appears to be streaking ahead of everyone with his Grants looking to be in pretty great shape.

There are a lot of projects going on in the office over the weekend, some of the guys are building Team Yankee models, others are working on TANKS and of course all of us have been working on our new Mid War models. Hard to beat a weekend of hobby action when it raining cats and dogs outside!

Studio progress update

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Gotta love hobby get togethers!


I’m waiting impatiently to get some of the new Midwar releases. Come on all this teasing of awesome hobbying is making me sad 🙁 Not nice Battlefront. Also you guys better be putting those Africa Korp and Desert Rats shirts up for sale. I want Both!

Cult of Games Member

Yes hobby together is really fun our lfgs run a releas day when bb came out and was great.
Also where people get those cool shirts??


What a lovely bunch of sprues!

Cult of Games Member

So many tank`s, there`s a battle group in the making. Great looking kit`s across the range.

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