Check Out The Playtesting Of The Tarot Of Loka!

November 18, 2013 by brennon

If you're a big fan of Loka and the new Kickstarter, The Tarot of Loka from Alessio Cavatore of River Horse and Ralph Horsley then you might want to check out the playtesting video above showing how it's played.

Loka Tarot Redesigned Box

Loka Tarot Art

The artwork for this game is beautiful and they have pushed past the £4,000 mark right now and are steadily climbing. Above you can see that they have already decided on a re-design for the box and I actually think this is one of those games that would just look amazing in your collection, even if you didn't play it.

See what you think of the playtest as it might sway you into pledging for this neat little game. At certain pledge levels they also give you copies of some of their other games so you can build a real collection.

Give this a look!

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