Befriend Unlikely Allies In Voice Of Isengard For LotR: Card Game

January 6, 2014 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games have a knack for seeing things a little differently when it comes to their games and this is certainly seeming the case with Lord of the Rings: The Card Game and their latest expansion for it, Voice of Isengard.



The first thing that might throw people is that Saruman and Grima are actually on the side of the heroes, or at least at first, with the deluxe expansion. This has been justified based on the time at which your questing is happening in the card game. At this point in the story Saruman is still a wise Councillor, or so he seems. As well as that, while a sneak, Grima is also a loyal and divisive aide to King Theoden.

However, siding with the Fellowship you create also has it's downside as both feature the Doom keyword meaning the threat and danger of your exploits will be rising sharply. It does however twin well with some of the new cards.

Orthanc Guard

Isengard Messenger

Both of these cards are driven by the Doom mechanic so we might be seeing Saruman and Grima, dangerous as they are, making themselves a regular feature in decks as players attempt the new quests.

I have recently been getting back into this game and while challenging it is one of the finest card games out there for playing alone or with two players.

Voice of Isengard should be a great next step.

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