Fantasy Flight Games Challenge the Wainriders In Lord Of The Rings LCG

November 15, 2019 by avernos

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Exciting news for fans of the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games. The third adventure pack for the Vengeance of Mordor Cycle is racing onto your tables in 2020.

Challenge Cards

Continuing the story from the City of Ulfast your party are pursuing Than Ulchor from the Easterling city and onto the plains. As usual the deck contains the usual mix of cards to construct your deck for the scenario it contains, new items, allies and enemies are to be expected but this scenario is very different from the standard fare that many would expect to see. For in the Challenge of the Wainriders your party are hampered in their pursuit by a nomadic band of Easterlings. They have no strong affiliation to Mordor and will allow you to continue if you can beat their charioteers in a race.

Race set up

When setting up Challenge of the Wainriders, the quest cards are arranged next to one another in two rows that both the Challengers and Wainriders advance around in a circuit. The first to complete two circuits wins the race. Not only do you have to compete with the Wainriders, but the terrain itself plays a part in the race. So beware of tumbling into a ravine or becoming forced onto difficult ground by a crowded track along the way. The Wainriders make their home on the plains of Rhûn and beating them in this race will not be easy but thankfully you will have support in the form of a powerful and friendly wizard.

White Wiz

The beneficent Saruman the White makes his first appearance in LoTR: LCG, and is here to help! Don't worry how he's gazing into the distance, I'm sure that rounded black stone is perfectly safe to use. It's a nice touch that the first time Saruman appears is as a hero, it's not like anyone knew he had turned in the beginning. The whole premise of the scenario is very different and I love it, given that the LCG is a co-operative affair it will be interesting to see how people approach the race and the tactics they can come up with to win the race and move on with their chase before the quarry gets any closer to Mordor and safety.

Will your party take the laurels of victory on the plains?

"this scenario is very different from the standard fare that many would expect to see"

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