Fight At Helm’s Deep In Lord Of The Rings The Card Game

November 4, 2014 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games have now properly announced the next step in their Saga Expansions for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. This time around they are holding off against The Treason of Saruman at Helm's Deep!

The Treason of Saruman

This set comes with three new scenarios that take you on the path of the Uruk-Hai that took Merry & Pippin as The Three Hunters, has you defending Helm's Deep and then finally the march on Orthanc to confront Saruman. As always you can play this set as part of a campaign with the other Saga Expansions which means you'll be carrying over quite the legacy.



Card Fan

I'm particularly looking forward to both pursuing the Uruk-Hai across the plains in a proper full on race and the siege of Helm's Deep and how that's going to work out.

Will you be picking this one up?

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