Fight Saruman’s LEGO Hordes At Helm’s Deep!

May 8, 2013 by brennon

I have always had a soft spot for LEGO, as I think many people do, and it's even cooler when someone goes out of their way to make something utterly astounding with it. Check out LEGO Helm's Deep!

LEGO Helm's Deep #1

LEGO Helm's Deep #2

LEGO Helm's Deep #3

As you can see it's a magnificent creation as it stands with plenty of little characterful moments you can zoom in on and explore. For example in the second picture you can see Aragorn standing with Haldir!

LEGO Helm's Deep #4

LEGO Helm's Deep #5

If you can believe it this project is only 90% complete so there must be a lot more coming in terms of close up detail. An impressive feat that should certainly inspire others to take on big projects just for the sake of it.

What do you make of this Helm's Deep re-creation?

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