More Finecast Lord of the Rings from Games Workshop

November 26, 2011 by brennon

Lord of the Rings gamers can let up a slight cheer that Games Workshop has not forgotten them this coming December. A lot of their old models have been converted into Finecast which you can see below.

Dwarf Iron Guard

Dwarf Vault Warden Team

Black Gate Aragorn

Dark Lord Sauron

Gondor Trebuchet

Uruk Hai Seige Ballista

The Witch King of Angmar


But my favourite of the lot has to be this beauty. Perfect fodder for a D&D dungeon this, as are most of the Lord of the Rings range in my opinion. The Dragon!

LotR Dragon

I am quite a fan of a lot of the models from the Lord of the Rings games. The actual game itself is pretty nifty too, even if not many people seem to play it nowadays.

Any of these models you are considering picking up?

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