Irish Hobbit League – War in the North

March 29, 2016 by dracs

The battle for Middle-Earth came to the Beasts of War studio as the Irish Hobbit League held their War in the North Tournament.

Games Begin

Lake Town

Battle Commences

Battle soon got underway as everyone brought their best armies.




The tournament followed escalation rules, with everyone starting off with smaller warbands, before growing their forces into mighty armies.

Iron Hill Dwarfs

monster mash

My own Hobbits gamely fought but didn't score any wins. However, they were voted as everyone's favourite army!

Farmer Maggot


Hobbits vs Easterlings

Though everyone wanted to kill Farmer Maggot's dogs by the end of it.


Nazgul vs Dogs

All in all, we had some very fun games and we hope to see more events like this heading our way in the future.

What Middle-Earth army would you choose to field?

"Everyone wanted to kill Farmer Maggot's dogs."

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