LotR: The Card Game Gets Deadlier With Nightmare Packs

December 31, 2013 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games are feeding my current Lord of the Rings addiction with the addition of Nightmare Packs to The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. These make an already challenging game even deadlier!

Conflict at the Carrock Nightmare

Hunt for Golem Nightmare

Journey to Rhosgobel Nightmare

Each pack makes the previous quests all the more deadly by adding in new enemies, new locations and new events to haunt your Fellowship as they undertake dangerous missions around and about the forest of Mirkwood.

As well as making the game harder they also play with the theme and keep the quests fresh and interesting. If you thought it was hard first time around but crave more of a challenge then these are for you.



As an example here are two of the Nightmare cards for Conflict at the Carrock with their brutal card text, plenty of health and damage too. Put this in combination with existing trolls and you have quite the challenge.

All in all they will be forcing the heroes to push on and make their way through scenarios in different ways. Those tried and tested deck builds will have to be reshuffled.

What do you think?

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