New Pelennor Fields Themed Middle-earth Strategy Boxed Game Coming Soon

July 16, 2018 by brennon

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We all thought it was going to be on the cards and it is now a reality. A new Boxed Game is on the way for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game from Games Workshop. The Battle Of Pelennor Fields will bring together Rohan and the Warriors Of The Dead against the Witch King and his Orc horde.

The Lord Of The Rings Battle Of Pelennor Fields - Games Workshop

When I saw the cover I wasn't entirely won over by it. I don't really like what they've done with the graphic design here at all. I know they have to use the artwork and assets from the films but this looks like a bad photoshop job. Whilst a box isn't that important it would have been nice to see something a little special for this.

Anyway, you want to know what you get inside the box. Well, at a recent Open Day the team behind the game showed off the forces included within...

Battle Of Pelennor Fields Contents - Games Workshop

Included within the box you get...

  • King Theoden (On Foot & Mounted)
  • 12x Riders Of Rohan
  • 12x Warriors Of Rohan
  • 20x Warriors Of The Dead
  • The Witch-King Of Angmar On Fell Beast
  • 36x Morannon orcs
  • Mordor Troll

...and as well as all of that you get the accessories you need to play the game AND a new Rulebook which contains all of the updated rules for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle game as it will now be known.

Battle Of Pelennor Fields Theoden - Games Workshop

The new model for Theoden is rather cool indeed and shows the King charging into his final battle at the head of his army. That scene still gives me chills when I see it, so moving! As well as the release of the new rules you will also soon be able to get your hands on the new Armies of The Lord Of The Rings book which contain rules for using forces (both Good & Evil) from the War Of The Ring.

Gondorian Reinforcements

As well as the forces of Rohan we also got to see some painted versions of the characters that will be crafted by Forge World. You might remember some of the render work for the likes of Ingold...

Ingold - Games Workshop

...and Huron The Tall.

Huron The Tall - Games Workshop

They are supported in battle by some more of the Knights Of Dol Amroth who have come to fight alongside their Gondorian allies at the Pelennor Fields and on towards the Black Gate. They were there in great numbers during those final conflicts, even if we didn't get to see them on screen during the films.

Knight Of Dol Amroth - Games Workshop

The models are looking very nice and I can't wait to see them on the tabletop but I have to raise a question over the painting on these particular models. For some reason, all of the faces look like the characters are wearing make-up and they don't look natural at all. You can see it on Huron The Tall as well in the pictures above.

It's very strange. Obviously, the painting is better than I could ever achieve but it doesn't half make it look like the sculpts for the models don't contain enough detail and the painter has had to go in there and add it themselves.

With new Middle-earth adventures on the horizon which side will you be taking up?

Drop your thoughts below...

"With new Middle-earth adventures on the horizon which side will you be taking up?"

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