Pre-Order the One Lego Brick to Rule them All!

May 17, 2012 by brennon

I don't think any of us are ever too old to be playing with Lego. Especially when you see that the Lord of The Rings Lego sets are now up for Pre-Orders from Sideshow Collectibles! Check out some of the awesome sets below...

Let's go through these releases as the journey would have done! First up is the ever so calm and collected Gandalf Arrives. Not an Orc to be seen...

Lego Gandalf Arrives Contents

Lego Gandalf Arrives Box

Next up we delve into the Mines of Moria, although now we know of course that this place is certainly no mine.

Lego Mines of Moria Contents

Lego Mines of Moria Box

After that the Uruk-Hai threat rises under the dominion of the White Hand and Rohan is threatened in Uruk-Hai Army!

Lego Uruk-Hai Army Contents

Lego Uruk-Hai Army Box

Which of course leads to The Battle of Helm's Deep where the strength and resolve of men is really put to the test.

Lego Helm's Deep Contents

Lego Helm's Deep Box

Then last but not least we have the evil lair where Shelob Attacks poor Master Frodo and his faithful aide Sam!

Lego Shelob Attacks Contents

Lego Shelob Attacks Box

As you can probably tell I am rather excited about the prospect of going back to Lego and collecting all these box sets for The Lord of the Rings. While obviously this is not going to be for everyone, I think most will have a place for maybe one of these sets. Especially this year with The Hobbit on the horizon.

I think I may have to plump for the Mines of Moria simply because it features a Lego Gimli!

Which of these would you be picking up?

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