A New Range Of Middle-earth Miniatures On The Way

May 12, 2018 by brennon

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Games Workshop and the Specialist Games Studio has shown off some brand new miniatures for The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and what is fast becoming the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

Knights Of Dol Amroth - The Hobbit SBG

The team seem to have access to a lot more from both the movies and the books. Above you'll see some more Knights Of Dol-Amroth, ready to serve Prince Imrahil and charge into battle at his command.

This also led to some more reveals of models yet to come including two heroes with Hurin...

Hurin - The Hobbit SBG

...and Ingold here. These are both great Gondorian figures who would have served during the period of the War Of The Ring and give you a whole range of new options for leaders when it comes to your Kingdoms Of Men force.

 Ingold - The Hobbit SBG

It's nice to see the team at Games Workshop looking at new models for the range as well as bringing back some that have dwelt in obscurity for a long time. A bright future lies ahead for the game no doubt.

Familiar Faces

As well as these Men they also showed off some new models for the forces of Evil too. That's where this particular Orc comes in who some might recognise from the force of evildoers that Aragorn and company barrelled through at the Pelennor Fields.

Orc Enforcers - The Hobbit SBG

Both of these once again offer up some nice new choices for fans of Lord of the Rings looking to delve deeper into the films and books and grow their forces.

What do you hope they focus on next?

"...give you a whole range of new options for leaders when it comes to your Kingdoms Of Men force"

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