Watch The Borders Of The Shire With Re-Released Hobbit Kits

May 7, 2018 by brennon

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Games Workshop continues to support the progress and growth of The Hobbit: Strategy Battle Game with some more re-releases of old models for the range. This coming weekend is the time of the Hobbits of The Shire as they range the borders of their rural idyll and keep a watch for harmful invaders.

Farmer Maggot & Hounds - The Hobbit

If you've been following Sam's growing Hobbit force then you'll know of Farmer Maggot & His Hounds. This set is a key one to pick up if you're a Hobbit fan as it not only provides you with a powerful character but also his tough dogs too. Just make sure to stay away from his fields as he doesn't take kindly to scrumpers!

We also have these wary Hobbit Shirrifs on the way too. These folk probably spend a lot of time down in the lands near Bree and are all too familiar with the comings and goings of bandits and the like.

Hobbit Shirrifs - The Hobbit

So, whether you're defending The Shire from the cruel grasp of Sharkey or you're just making sure that wild animals don't come out of the forest to steal your flock, this set of releases is characterful and darn fun to see.

Hopefully, we start to see Games Workshop releasing more of these old model sets, branching out to include a lot of the long lost characters too.

What do you think of these returning Hobbits?

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