Learn The History Of Templars & Undead For Lords Of War

November 8, 2013 by brennon

Lords of War have updated their Kickstarter for Templars Versus Undead with the origin stories for both the forces of good and evil. See what you think of the artwork that goes alongside it too!

Templar Longsword

Volus the Defiler

I love it when games do this with their factions. It would be very easy for them to just leave the factions as 'Undead' and the like and let you come up with something but when they really fluff out the background with some interesting moments you can feel like you're actually fighting for something during your gaming.

The artwork is looking great as well and I can't wait to see what the rest is going to look like for the variety of units on offer. I have been playing a bit more of this game over the past week and while I still lose a lot I do enjoy it!

Give the Kickstarter a look.

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