More Lords Of War Art Bolsters Their Dwarven Army

August 5, 2014 by brennon

Continuing a few pieces of artwork last week Lords of War have popped up some more sketches of the forthcoming Dwarf units that will be making their way into your deck. See what you think of them below...

Dwarf Organ Gun

Dwarf Iron Walker

The first two we're going to have a look at are from the Dwarves engineering division! At the top we have the Dwarf Organ Gun that will be spitting an inordinate amount of ordnance onto the battlefield from afar. Joining it is the Iron Walker which is the Dwarves own Monstrous Creature that can't be damaged by lower value attacks!

Dwarf Arcanist

Dwarf Shield Maiden

Following on from those machines we have the Dwarf Arcanist and the Dwarf Shield Maiden. The Arcanist brings a whole new aspect to the game which includes spellcasting and the Shield Maiden will no doubt be a fearsome enemy of the cavalry.

Are you excited to see the new sets?

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