New Lords Of War Card Art Gets A Dash Of Colour!

September 25, 2014 by brennon

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Lords of War is focusing in on Orcs Vs Dwarves II which brings a whole load of new units and mechanics to the game. With that in mind they've been working hard with Steve Cox to bring us some amazing art...

Dwarf Arcanist

Blark Ironhide

Forge Troll

Mountain Hawk

Above you can see the Dwarf Arcanist, Blark Ironhide, Forge Troll and Mountain Hawk all now in glorious colour bringing Steve Cox's art to life. It truly is some of the best looking card art I think I've seen thanks to both it's style and how everything ties together so well.

In terms of mechanics we're seeing going forward units like the Arcanists can unleash magical energy on the battlefield, and the Forge Troll and other monsters can shrug off the smallest blows meaning you'll have to concentrate a lot of effort into bringing them down.

Plenty of cool art and I can't wait to see how the new set works out.

What do you think of the art?

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