Lords Of War Heading To World War II Later This Year?

May 29, 2014 by brennon

With the success of Lords of War in it's many fantasy iterations it appears as if we could be seeing the format come to World War II later this year if Steve Cox, the artist behind the game, is to be believed...

Lords of War World War II

This little sneaky shot of his sketch book popped up online yesterday and I am already excited about it. From the details above this is heading to Kickstarter later this year. The style of the artwork is switching from what we saw with the original Lords of War to something decidedly more pulp and cartoon strip as well.

Here's what Nick from Black Box Games had to say...

"We plan to bring Lords of War: World War 2 to Kickstarter later this year, but we also have something else rather special which should be coming out in time for Christmas! You should start seeing some artwork coming out soon".

I think this sounds pretty awesome and I can't wait to see what the guys do with this. Hopefully more news on this will be forthcoming soon!

Lords of War in World War II! What's not to like?

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