Lords Of War: Templars Vs Undead Kickstarter Launches

November 5, 2013 by brennon

The folks from Black Box Games have begun their Kickstarter for Lords of War: Templars Versus Undead. They are looking for the funding to finish off the artwork, create the cards and get them out there to you guys so you can play the third iteration!

Undead Knight

Zombie Gnasher

I do love their artwork, all drawn by Steve Cox, creating a consistent look across the board for all their games. It also has a neat old school look to it and reminds me of cartoons from when I was younger!

Lords of War Demos

UK Games Expo

These guys are really good at what they do and they have put a lot of work into bringing this series of games onto your tabletop so far. At the UK Games Expo this year they won best strategic card game!

We've been featuring these chaps on Beasts of War for a little while and if you'd like to check out some reviews for Orcs Versus Dwarves and Elves Versus Lizardmen you can follow the links.

As well as that dive in on their Crafting of a Card Game series for a behind the scenes look.

Have you given this game a go?

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