Check Out Lords Of War’s Magic & Monsters Kickstarter!

October 13, 2014 by brennon

Lords of War have launched their Magic & Monsters Expansion that brings a whole new set of Orcs and Dwarves to the tabletop for their highly playable card game. See what you think of the new additions...

Orcs Vs Dwarves Monster & Magic Expansion

Kickstarter Progress

The current focus is on getting the Orcs Versus Dwarves set released but if they manage to power through the stretch goals then they will begin to unlock the additional boxed sets for Elves, Lizardmen, Templars and Undead! The prospect of so many more cards to play around with is exciting!

Orc Wyrm Driver

Forge Troll

The first cards to take a look at are the monster ones like the Orc Wyrm Driver and Forge Troll above. With these cards as well as being very tough and with a good degree of strength "no Attack Arrow which deals EQUAL OR LESS THAN a Monstrous Unit's Monstrous Defence can damage that Monstrous Unit". So pretty deadly!

Murder of Crows

Mountain Hawk

Flying units are also being added to the game and while they have a low defence they can only be hurt by ranged and other flying creatures meaning they have some interesting uses on the battlefield. The new cards are generally making you think about how and when to use your troops more effectively and indeed cautiously.

Dwarf Arcanist

Last but not least are the Magic cards that bring casters to the tabletop. These chaps can cast lingering effects on other creatures with their spells from the ability to boost damage to raging fires that kill units slowly but surely.

With all these new cards the mechanics have slightly changed too. The victory conditions have changed from twenty kills to thirty, or six command cards eliminated making the game a whole lot more tactical. You can also hold seven cards in hand rather than six.

Do you think you'll be backing?

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