New Mighty Dwarves March To Join Lords Of War

August 1, 2014 by brennon

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Steve Cox Illustrations (check out some more of his work, its awesome) has sketched up two more heroes for Lords of War that will no doubt be coming in its next expansion. See what you think of Thalin and Ragar!

Thalin Haddin

Ragar Icebone

Thalin (pictured top) is a ranger in the background fluff and therefore probably has a good range of attacks in various directions and most likely a throwing weapon attack too. I love the druid-like look to him and it's neat to see more feral looking Dwarves!

Talking of feral Dwarves we also have the armed-to-the-teeth Ragar Icebone with his twin axes of doom. It would be interesting to see if Ragar is a hero 'Berserker' which would mean, in the newest rules update, that he can slay foes and then take their place on the battlefield moving about to kill at will! I wonder if he will have the same low health points of normal Berserkers?

There is also this massive Forge Troll!

Forge Troll

The Forge Troll marks the first in a line of monstrous creatures that are going to be immune to low level damage dealt out by the enemy. A deadly foe to face and no mistake!

What do you think of the artwork?

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