The Templar General Is Revealed For Lords Of War

November 11, 2013 by brennon

In Lords of War, a fantastic little card game, each side has a mighty general to lead the troops into battle and he will always be in your hand. For Templars Versus Undead they have Nicodemus and his artwork has been revealed.

Father Nicodemus

This chap looks like he means business and like everything from the chaps behind Lords of War they have some background for you to enjoy...

"Raised by the Monks and Nuns of the Church and schooled in reading, writing and arithmetic, by the age of seven Nicodemus showed the enormous potential – he was earmarked early as a Templar and plans arose for him to be dispatched to Espero to be trained in the ways of the Order of the Blood Moon. Alas, Nicodemus’ bright future was foiled in a flurry of fire, theft and murder."

You can read more about his history by following the link on his name above! I do love seeing more of Steve Cox's art as he always manages to impress. As I've mentioned before it looks like it's been dragged from my childhood and cartoons of youth.

What do you think of the campaign?

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